Jiuhua Mountain Villa Hot Spring

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The Jiuhua Mountain Villa is a garden-hotel in the ancient town Xiaotangshan, which locates in Changping area of Beijing city. This four-star hotel is one of the best sites for leisure, conference and medical convalescence in Beijing, covering 133.4 hectares. The Jiuhua Mountain Villa has lots of facilities and services for bathing, health care, entertainment and sports, including outdoor theme park, indoor spring play ground, hot spring swimming pool, card room, sports centers (bowling centers, tennis courts and gymnasiums), nightclubs, KTVs, EVD cinemas and so on.

The Jiuhua Mountain Villa was built with a huge investment, using 10 years. The constructions of the hot-spring palace were imitated from the royal palace, combining the classic items of hot spring, including bathing, swimming, sauna and massage. There are over 70 hot spring spots in the area.

The Sea-Maiden Hot-Spring Leisure Palace is located in the No.16 zone of the Jiuhua Mountain Villa, including the hot-spring palace and the massage area. There are some specialties in the hot-spring palace on the ground floor, including baths in Chinese medicines, Tibetan medicines, ginsengs, jade, carnelian and the like. Besides, there you could visit the sea-maiden’s naissance garden, enjoy the thunderbolt waterfall and try the body shape items. After that, you could get to the fourth floor by elevator, where you’ll be served by professional massagers. The sports centers, card rooms, billiards centers and many other facilities are also there.

The conference center has been well-equipped. The professional business services, together with the completed entertainment centers make this place perfect for both business and leisure.

One of the specialties is the micro-mud in the hot springs, which is good for people’s health.

The hotel has 84 standard rooms, 273 luxurious rooms, 152 four-bad rooms, 192 Japanese style and European style rooms, 2 quadrangles and another one luxury quadrangle.


1. Delicious food, including distinct royal medicinal diet, dishes of Northwestern cuisine, Shanghai cuisine, Hangzhou cuisine and Guangdong cuisine. Besides, they also serve western food.
2. The exhibition center is well-equipped with professional services. There are some traditional Chinese medical sciences for healthy consultant.
3. Various entertainment sits for you to enjoy in the night, including clubs, KTVs and dancing halls.
4. In the natatorium, you could experience high-temperature surfing, maifanite sauna and ozone hot spring, and children’s playground.

Solo Adventure Tips:


Town of Xiaotangshan in Changping area in Beijing, next to the No.6 northern circuit.

How to Get There?

Public buses: Line 984 could directly lead you to the Jiuhua Mountain Villa; Line 643, 985 and 912 could take you to the station of Daliushu Huandao, then you need to take the subway train after a 500 meters’ walk. After getting off the train at Xizhimen or Dongzhimen station, go to the Lishuiqiao station by the city railway. Then change to public bus or taxi.

Ticket Price:
Dragon Vein: 300 RMB;Including items: Hot spring bathing, swimming, medicinal bath and sauna.(Business golden card member could have 50% discount)

Opening Hours:

More Tips:
1. Patients with hypertension or heart disease need to bath in hot spring following the doctors’ suggestions. 120 minutes is the upper time limit. Besides, when you get out of the pool, you need to slow down to avoid the dizziness caused by angiectasis. 2. Some people having skin diseases should not stay long time in the hot spring. Although the water is good for your skin but it is not good for pruritus and eczema. If you have the atopic dermatitis, the hot spring will make your symptom worse since the water could accelerate the evaporation of the moisture content of your skin. 3. Don’t bath in the hot spring with metal trinkets to avoid the trinkets’vulcanization. 4. Don’t bath with an empty or too full stomach. At the same time, remember to drink more water to replenish moisture content in your body. 5. Choose a spring pool whose temperature is most suitable for you——touch the water by hand or feet to feel the temperature. Bathing in the pool for 15~20 minutes per time is better. 6. Don’t stay too long in the water, otherwise you’ll feel thirsty, dizzy and sense of suppression in the chest. 7. Since there are plenty of mineral substances in the water, you’d better don’t use bath foams during shower to keep the beneficial mineral substances on your skin. 8. Please close your eyes, peace your heart and slow down your breath to release yourself from pressure. 9. Please prepare your own equipments for swimming, or buy them in the store here.

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