Lingshan Scenic Area

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Located in the northwest part of Mentougou District, Lingshan Scenic Area is about 122 kilometers (about 75.81 miles) from the downtown area of Beijing. The top peak is 2,302 meters above the sea level, much higher than any other peaks in Beijing. Here, you can see beacon towers and colorful lilies in the field, as well as some springs. The unique terrain here decides that Lingshan Scenic Area is the paradise of various trees and flowers: plants of both warm temperate zone and Siberian subfrigid zone can grow here. As a result, Lingshan Scenic Area is also the most ideal home to wild animals. It is the only natural farm in Beijing of Xinjiang Finewool Sheep, Ili Horse and Tibetan yak. So, mountain climbing enthusiasts and people who love natural scenery can take Lingshan Scenic Area as a good place to go.

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How to Get There?
You can take Subway Line 1, and get off at Ping Guo Yuan Station, and then, they can take Bus 929 Branch to Shuang Tang Jian, which takes about 3 hours. After that, they can take a taxi to Lingshan Mountain Natural Area (about 16 kilometers, taking about half an hour).

Ticket Price:
45 yuan per person

Opening Hours:
7: 30 a.m. – 6: 00 p.m.

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