Mangshan National Forest Park

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Mangshan National Forest Park is located in the northeast of Changping County of Beijing, 40 kilometers from the urban area of Beijing, covering an area of 8,622 hectares. It is the largest national forest park in Beijing. Mangshan means “python mountain”, and the park got its name because it’s as spectacular as a huge python. The highest peak of the park is 659 meters high. The park is luxuriantly green throughout the year, with 13 mu of planted forests and 176 varieties of trees and plants, such as Chinese pines, oriental arborvitaes, lacebark pines, cloves, flowering plum, Chinese herbaceous peony, roses, cherry blossoms, common smoke tree, Acer truncatum and torch trees. In the park, there are layer upon layer of peaks and knolls, featuring a wild profusion of vegetation, with the forest coverage rate of 86%, which is virtually a natural oxygen bar.

Besides those natural forest landscapes, the park also boasts a number of distinctive human landscape, such as hundreds of stone tablets, artificial Tianchi Pool, the largest stone-carving Buddha in North China, Mangshan sightseeing Tower and alpine gallery. In history, Mangshan used to be the base for voluntary tree planting of central authorities. At present, there are hundreds of cultural stone inscriptions of celebrities.

Main Attractions

Stone-carving Buddha-the largest stone-carving Buddha in North China
On the terrace at the foot of Mangshan, there is a Maitreya Buddha that is the largest stone-carving Buddha in North China. It’s 9.9 meters tall, with the weught of over 1,500 ton, which is made of more than 200 granites. The construction of the Buddha stature took about one year. In front of the Buddha, there is a lawn with the area of 5,000 square meters, where sculptures of twelve Chinese zodiac signs stand there, looking vivid and charmingly naïve, attracting a number of tourists to take photos there.

Long Corridor-the highest painted corridor in Beijing

At the foot of the mountain and on the mountaintop, there is a painted long corridor respectively, where tourists can have a rest or enjoy the cool. The corridor at the foot of the mountain is 90 meters long, and the other one is 150 meters long.

Stone Steps-the longest stone steps in Beijing

The stone steps connecting two painted long corridors are made of 3,666 pieces of stone slabs, which are the longest and topflight stone steps in Beijing. In sunny days, people would like to do physical exercises or hold mountain climbing races there.

Antique tower-the best antique tower in Beijing

Located on the summit of Mangshan with the height of 659, the antique tower used to be built for forest fire prevention. The 37-meter-tall tower is the best antique tower in Beijing. The tower is 5 storeys tall from the appearance and 5 storeys tall within the tower. Standing on the top of the tower and looking far into the distance, tourists can see all the scenic spots of Ming Tombs and even Beijing City.

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