Shidu(Ten Ferries)

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Shidu refers to the beautiful gorge on the Juma River between Zhangfang and the town of Shidu, which is at the end of the gorge. Shidu means Ten Crossings in Chinese.

The name comes from the fact that before the new modern road and bridges were built, travelers had to cross the river 10 times as they traveled through the gorge between Zhangfang and Shidu. In 1986, Shidu was nominated as the eighth among the top 16 attractions of Beijing.

Qianhekou, 20 kilometers from Zhoukoudian, is where the Juma River flows out of the valley. Inside the valley winds the snakelike Juma River. When you pass the first bridge inside the valley, you have already left the first crossing behind. And when you get to the next bend and see a bridge over the Juma River, you are at the second crossing. The same takes place as you continue your exploration through the valley, passing all the 10 crossings with each perhaps more beautiful than the previous one.

Along the Sun Avenue, visitors can reach the top of Bat Peak. Going up to the Wang Fo Tai, or the Platform of Viewing the Buddha, one can take in a bird’s-eye view of the eighth, ninth, and tenth crossings. Also here, to the north, is the Village of the Tenth Crossing, which is situated in the center of the mysterious valley. Among the 10 crossings, the sixth crossing is particularly known for its bizarre rocks, clear waters, and deep pond. Here was believed to be the battlefield where Mu Guiying, a legendary Chinese ancient female marshal, and her brave army defeated the invaders of the Liao Empire. The famous Sanqing Cave, known for its interesting formations, danger, and tranquility, is also around here.

Shisdu is often dubbed the Guilin of North China perhaps because it is the only scenic location in the north that features karst landscapes and formations. Guilin is a city in South China infamous for its karst landscapes. Shisdu’s convenient location and plentiful amenities makes it a very popular holiday resort in Beijing’s suburbs.

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Ten Ferries scenic area refer to the upper and middle drainage of the Juma River in Fangshan District .

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There are buses to Shidu both at the Tianqiao and Liuliqiao bus stations, but the best option is to take a train at the Yongdingmen Railway Station. Normally a single day will be enough for the whole excursion.

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8:00 am to 6: 00 pm

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