Songshan Forest Park

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Songshan Forest Park is located in Yanqing County in the northwest of Beijing City, 90 kilometers from the downtown area. The construction of Songshan Forest Park began in 1985. Due to its favorable geographic location, elegant natural environment and an abundance of plants and animals, Songshan Forest Park was approved as National Nature Reserve by the State Council in 1986, which was the first national nature reserve of Beijing, and it was celebrated as a scenic spot in 2000. Songshan Forest Park covers an area of 4,660 hectares. In Songshan Forest Park, there are emerald mountains, ancient pines in thousands of postures, intermountainous streams gurgling and rugged rocks in valleys. Besides, the park has abundant biodiversity, including the natural Chinese pines, well-preserved Juglans mandshurica, lindens, elms and birches. Due to its dense forest coverage, the park also abounds with wild animals, including first-grade State Protection animals, such as leopards, golden eagles, Aquila heliaca and black storks. Songshan Forest Park abounds with various scenic spots, such as Baipu Spring (百瀑泉), Baxian Cave (八仙洞), Songyue Pool (松月潭) and other 27 scenic spots. With the annual average of about 7℃, Songshan Forest park integrates practice teaching, going on vocation, avoiding summer heat, composing poetry and painting and appreciating the nature.

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