Sun Park

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Popularly know as the Sun Park, the Chaoyang Park is the largest park of all the 135 parks in Beijing, China, which is situated at No. 1 Nong zhan guan Road South in Chaoyang District.

The park is spread in an area of 288.7 hectares, and contains a lake in an area of 68.2 hectares. With over twenty scenic spots, the Sun Park boasts one of the most beautiful landscapes in entire China.


The Chaoyang District has lots of expat communities living in the area, and so naturally the Sun Park is one of their favorite spot. The park features jogging treks, swimming pools, playgrounds for kids and several other amusement rides. Other features include the following:

The Ecological valley – This vale lies in the northern part of the park. This is not a man-mad valley, but a natural valley with a water stream flowing in between. The valley has abundance of water plants and water resistant trees. At the cradle of this stream a stone structure can be seen which helps in circulating the water and keeps it from becoming stagnant. This stream also serves as a perfect irrigation system for the park.

Binshui Island – This Island is located right next to the Lotus Lake. Kids will really enjoy this place as this lake is home to numerous ducks. The area is made of wooden platforms and lush meadows. There are several small and large sculptures, which one can admire while relaxing in one of the meadows.

The Source of Life Scenic Area – This area is enclosed by large nugget of trees that dot a heaving terrain. Five different colored brooks gush here. The area is large enough so that over 200 yachts, speedboats and other types of boats can shuttle across the lake.

Bathing Beach – This is a sandy stretch that was built for the beach volleyball competition in 2008 during the Beijing Olympic games. On a bright sunny day you will see lots of people here stretched out on sand, or simply swimming or playing volleyball.

The Chaoyang Park is a haven for the kids. There is a wide variety of thrilling entertainment that includes roller coaster rides, rapids, a scenic garden, and a spaceship zone.

If you feel like going for shopping just after a nice day on the beach, you can head over to The BlueBay or the Solana Shopping Center. This shopping center is situated in the northwestern part of the Chaoyang Park and is sprawled in about 150 kilometers square area. Apart from shopping you can enjoy the delectable Chinese food and walk around its featured lake-side bar street.

Chaoyang Park is fill of entertainment and you can also find some cultural activities going on over here both at the national as well as international level.

Solo Adventure Tips:


No.1 Nongzhanguan Road South in Chaoyang District.

How to Get There?

Take Subway Line 10 and get down at Tuanjiehu Station. From here you have to walk 20 minutes towards the southern gate of the park or you can take a bus just outside the station. 

Ticket Price:

5 Yuan if you are visiting only one time, 8 Yuan for a month’s permit and 80 Yuan for the yearly ticket. The ticket doesn’t include the cost of entertainment activities.

Opening Hours:

06:00-22:00 from March 15 to November 14; 06:00-21:00 from November 15 until the next March 14

More Tips:

Nearby Attraction: Embassy Area, Business center, Solana Shopping Center

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