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The Pagoda Enshrining Buddha Tooth Relic in the Temple of Diving Light

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At Badachu (where eight great temples stand, they are Temple of Chang’an, Temple of Divine Light, Temple of Three Great Mountains, Temple of Pearls, Longquan Nunnery, Temple of the Fragrant World and Temple of Buddhahood. These temples were built in Tang, Song, Yuan and Ming dynasties. ) in the scenic Xishan near Beijing, there is an ancient temple dating from thousands of years ago, named “the Temple of Divine Light”. This temple is the most integrated temple reserved at Badachu, which began to be constructed during the years of Emperor Dali (766A.D.-779A.D.) in the Tang Dynasty. This temple is famous for one of its valuable oblation, a Buddha’s tooth relic (one of the only two in the world), which makes the temple one of the Buddhist centers of pilgrim.

After the parinirvana and cremation of Skyamunic, two of his teeth became buddha’s relics and were preserved by people. One of them was took to Ceylon (Sri Lanka), the other was taken to the kingdom Wuchang (in Pakistan) and then taken into Yutian (In Xinjiang Province) of China. During the 5th century, monk Fa Xian in Nanchao Dynasty traveled to the west and brought this tooth back to their capital Jiankang (Nanjing City). It was then sent to Chang’an in the Sui Dynasty. In the Period of the Five Kingdom, the tooth relic was transferred to Beijing. In the year 1071, it was enshrined in the pagoda of celestial being summon.

The Pagoda Enshrining Buddha’s Tooth Relic

The Pagoda Enshrining Buddha’s Tooth Relic which is splendid and forcefull is 51 meters high. The pagoda is in octagonal figure with 13 layers. The pilgrim platform is made of white marble with the height of 2.7 meters. The inner part of the pagoda has seven layers of palace halls. The buddha’s tooth relic is enshrined in the central little golden tower which is in 1 meter’s height and 135kg’s weight and made of pure gold. Lots of treasure pearls were used to decorate the golden tower. There is an external stairs directly leading to the buddha’s relic enshrining hall.

The ground floor of the pagoda is a stone stele room, with walls full of epigraphy and lections. Staircases spirally up to the Buddha’s Tooth Relic Enshrining Hall. Throne and folding screen are in the hall with marble walls. Buddhist statues, sutras and musical instruments used in Buddhist are put on the other 6 floors.

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