Tuanjiehu Water Park

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For a great many people, Tuanjiehu Water Park (团结湖公园水上乐园)ranks as an ideal summer resort, boasting relatively large sea wave pool, clean swimming pool, a water slide opening to the public from time to time and the earliest artificial beach in Beijing. Being the same as other paddling pools in downtown city, the paddling pool in Tuanjiehu Water Park is also relatively shallow, which is too shallow to swim in.

In the center of the pool, there is a small pavilion with a terrazzo slide. Near it, there is a huge wave machine, and crowds of people will gather there to feel tremendous impact of the wave every time when the machine is making wave. The most popular place is the small beach where people enjoy playing volleyball. The water slide nearby is usually available. It’s good to know that there are free lockers, but it’s disappointing to know that there is only cold water for bathing, which is a challenge.

Address: No. 16, Tuanjiehu Nanli Road, Chaoyang District

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How to Get There?
Take Subway Line 10 to Hujialou Station and exit from Exit B, or take No. 113, 350, 402, 405, 420, 421, 503, 627, 705, 707 or 801 buses and get off at the west gate of the park.

Ticket Price:
40 yuan per person from Monday to Friday; 50 yuan per person on weekends

Opening Hours:
6:30 to 21:00 from May 28th to August 31

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