Water World in Qingnianhu Park

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General Information

The Water World in Qingnianhu Park is a 1.5-hectare activity paradise for tourists who want to enjoy the great outdoors and soak up the sun. The spacious park can accommodate as much as 3,000 visitors at one time. For its numerous features, the Water World in Qingnianhu Park was recognized as one of the top 8 water theme parks in China alongside the Water World in the Water Cube and Sun Park. 
The Water World is just one of the many features of Qingnianhu Park, which literally means “lake of youngsters. It was excavated in 1960 by a young brood of lads with the help of the local government. In total, Qingnianhu Park occupies 16.9 hectares of land, 6.38 hectares of which is occupied by water.
Whether you’re a foreign tourist or a weary worker in search of rest and relaxation, the Water World in Qingnianhu Park is the perfect destination for you. 

Water fun like no other

The water World in Qingnianhu Park is famous all throughout China – even the entire world – for its 11 water slides all in all. Some slides are six storeys high, which make it perfect for individuals who are looking for an adrenaline rush like no other. 
For those who are afraid of heights, they can enjoy the twin outdoor swimming pools that occupy 6,000 square meters of prime land. The pools are floodlit as well so swimmers can enjoy the waters even at nighttime. 

A Modern Park

In contrast to the park’s beautiful sceneries are Qingnianhu’s modern sculptures. These contemporary edifices make the park a truly enticing tourist destination. 
Apart from its lovely views, there are many other things you will enjoy in Qingnianhu. After a day of tireless swimming, the children can enjoy the adrenaline-filled action of the park’s bumper cars. There’s also a swinging pirate ship so you don’t have to transfer to another theme park just to give your child the fun he desires. Afterwards, the kids can visit the Sculpture Garden of Play Characters. 
Qingnianhu also has a croquet park where adults and children alike can get physical. There’s also a sedan basketball court for visitors who want to get athletic and shoot some hoops. 
What’s great about the Water World in Qingnianhu Park is that it’s a barrier-free environment, meaning you can take along your disabled family and friends without worrying about wheelchair and handicap obstacles along the way. 

Other things to enjoy in Qingnianhu Park

Apart from playing home to one of China’s famous water parks, Qingnianhu Park also features a variety of facilities and amenities that tourists will truly enjoy. There’s a driving range where adults and kids can explore the terrains of Qingnianhu Park on board an ATV and other rough road vehicles. As for those who want to explore the Qingnianhu Park late, there are boats available for exploration. You can choose from pedal boats, rowing boats or battery-powered boats. Should you get hungry, you can have your tummy filled at the Park Restaurant. 

Solo Adventure Tips:


Andingmenwai Dajie, Dongcheng District

How to Get There?

Take the subway line 2 headed to Andingmen Station. Alight at Exit A and take any of the following bus routes – 27, 44 or 104. Get off at the Ditan Station.

Ticket Price:
30 yuan; 20 yuan for children shorter than 1.3 meters

Opening Hours:
9:00 to 22:00 from June to September

More Tips:

There are several hotels near the Water World in Qingnianhu Park, in case you want to roam every corner of the 1.5 hectare park. 

Nearby Attractions:

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