Water World in the Water Cube

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Inaugurated on 8th August, in the year 2010, Water World is the largest, most well developed and well-equipped indoor theme park in China. Located in the southern region of the world famous Beijing National Aquatics Centre, also known as The Watercube, this water park covers an area of about 12,000 square meter and is equipped with the most advanced water recreational facilities in entire Asia.

The Watercube Park consists of some of the best slides in the world. Some of the attractions of the park have also won various international awards. There is a temperature control system in the park, which adjusts the temperature as per the requirements. Guests are required to bring their own swimsuit and towels. Locker facilities are also provided to the guests.

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Food and beverages cannot be taken inside the park. This step is taken to maintain the cleanliness of the park. To ensure high standards of safety facilities, a team of professional lifeguards is appointed. They are trained to the highest level of the International Standards by International Lifeguards as per the requirements of the World Waterpark Association. Hence visitors can enjoy all the world famous water attractions of the park under the strict supervision of expert lifeguards.

Attractions of the park

When people enter The Watercube Park, they get amused by the stunning recreation of underwater world inside it. Abstracted entities such corals, jellyfish, sea grasses and others enlarged and suspended in the open space, walls covered with transparent films, spectacular lights and music inside the park present a perception of underwater life to the guests. The main attractions of the park are:

Tornado: Tornado is a ride, which can accommodate 4 persons at a time. It starts from the tallest tower of the park and heads down to a pool. In between guests can enjoy thrilling turns of 90 degrees in the beginning followed by a 180-degree turn and lots of other twists and turns!

Bulletbowl: It is one of the tightest bowls available in market .Two riders start from the top of a tower on a double tube, head down gaining lot of speed in the process and drop into the bowl horizontally and move nearby the edges. After this a shower of water contacts them and they are forced through a corkscrew exit to the pool.

Aqualoop: Here the riders enter a capsule equipped with light and music .The capsule consists of a trap door that falls perpendicularly below the feet of the riders thus compelling them to a 40 feet free fall into the pool. It is designed to leave the guests stunned and baffled!

Speed slide: It is a tall, precipitous snake like structure where riders can experience a slide of their lifetime!

Ridehouse: It is the very first Ridehouse in the entire world where one can thoroughly enjoy with his family and friends. It is designed for maximum fun and contains water cannons, climb nets as well as 12 slides on its own.

Some of the other attractions of this park are Pipeline, Wave pool and Lazy River. Special pools and attractions for kids are also present here. Hence guests can enjoy all the thrilling rides, slides and have a memorable experience in this magnificent water park.

Solo Adventure Tips:


 Inside Olympic Park, BeiChen Middle Road, Chaoyang District.

How to Get There?
Take bus routes No. 696, Yuntong 113, 689, 658, 753, 660, 839, 944, sub line of 944, 656, 983, sightseeing bus No. 1 and 2.

Ticket Price:

200 RMB for adults, 160 RMB discounted tickets for children 1.2-1.5 m in height. Entry of children less than 1.2 m in height is free.

Opening Hours:
10:00 to 21:00

More Tips:

Contact number: 010-84372030, 010-84372001

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