Xiaotangshan Special Vegetable Base

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Xiaotangshan Special Vegetable Base is located in Xiaotangshan Town, Changping District, Beijing. It is situated right on the north dragon vein of Beijing City. As a result, the geomantic omen here is very good. The agriculture exhibition and fruit and vegetable picking are two special activities here. There are more than 100 greenhouses in Xiaotangshan Special Vegetable Base. Over 100 kinds of safe and non-environmental pollution vegetables and fruits are grown here all the year round. In Xiaotangshan Special Vegetable Base, tourists can see not only the commonly-seen vegetables and fruits, but also many kinds of tropical fruits such as papaya, guava, passion flower, Taiwan jujube and so on.

Apart from the vegetables and fruits in Xiaotangshan Special Vegetable Base, another attraction here is the hot spring here. The hot spring in Xiaotangshan are well-known all over China. Even in the ancient times, emperors in different dynasties were fond of the hot spring here. So, people who want to connect with nature and get relaxed can enjoy themselves here.

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How to Get There?
By Bus: Tourists can take Bus 643 at Anding Men Station and Bus 985 at Anzhen Qiao Station to get there.

Ticket Price:
10 RMB

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