Xiayunling National Forest Park

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Xiayunling National Forest Park is located in the southwest of Beijing, 76 kilometers from the urban area of Beijing. 108 national highways directly goes through the forest park. In December, 2005, with the approval of the State Forestry Administration, Xiayunling National Forest Park was established. As a tourist attraction, the park integrates relaxation, holidays, leisure and health promotion.

The park covers an area of 218 square kilometers, which stretches 15 kilometer from South to north and 40 kilometers from east to west. It boasts an abundance of natural scenery resources, with the forest coverage rate of over 72.53%. The park features moderate climate, beautiful environment and peculiar landscape. Xiayunling National Forest Park is the only tourist attraction in Beijing where tourists can reach the 2,000-meter-tall mountaintop by car.

In the park, tourists can feel a perfect combination of natural beauties and abundant cultural heritage, such as subalpine meadow where hundreds of flowers in full bloom, stone forests, underground karst caves and a green sightseeing zone with a variety of wildlife and agricultural products. The ecological forests include Chinese pines, oriental arborvitae, larch and white birch.

In the forest park, Baicaopan spot is the main peak of Mt. Baihua, which is 2,161 meters above sea level. It’s the highest peak in the southwest of Beijing. Baicaopan spot has the forest coverage rate of about 82%, boasting fresh air, elegant environment and cool weather condition.

Address: Xiayunling Town, Fangshan District, Beijing

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Xiayunling Town, Fangshan District, Beijing

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Take No.917 from Tianqiao to Fangshan, and then go to Xiayunling by minibus or taxi

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