Yingshan Forest Park

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Yingshan Forest Park is located in the southwestern suburb of Beijing, 15 kilometers from downtown Beijing. It’s in the junction area of Fengtai District, Shijingshan District and Toumengou District. The park began to open to the public in July, 1990, covering an area of 800,000 square meters. With the altitude ranging from 73 to 125 meters, the park boasts four main scenic areas, including camping in immense forests, appreciating blossoms and tasting fruits, enjoying vast red leaves and appreciating snow-covered landscape. The park boasts various colorful flowers in full bloom in spring, cool and refreshing summer; red autumn leaves all over mountains in autumn and magnificent snow landscape in winter.

Yingshan forest park ranks as a wildlife preserve of Beijing, and there are 200 species of plants living there, such as locust trees, common smoke trees, Chinese junipers and pines with the vegetation coverage rate of about 97%. In the park, seven flower valleys, including cuckoo, rose, clove, goldenrain tree, plum blossom, oriental cherry and peach blossom valleys, will gladden the heart and please the eyes. What’s more, tens of thousands of wild jujubes in the park offering tourists an opportunity for enjoying the pleasure of picking jujubes for themselves.

Besides various plants, the park also boasts a variety of rare and precious birds and animals, including macaques, spotted deer, peacock, Blue Peafowl, Agelastes meleagrides, pheasants and goat. What’s more, there are also a variety of little animals, such as Squirrels, hares and pheasants, offering tourists an opportunity for appreciating and feeding little animals.

Yingshan forest park provides orientation movement which is a general cross-country race for common people. The park offers participants maps and compasses, and allows participants to choose routs according to their own will. Besides, the park is also regarded as the best venue for jungle fighting.

In the south of the park, there is a Yingshan Holiday Village integrating catering, entertainment, meeting and body building. It has complete equipments, with characteristic small cabins in woods, Taigong Pool, children’s amusement park and camp area, which is an ideal venue for spending holidays. In other scenic spots, there are tasty local food, such as Beijing roast duck, instant-boiled mutton and desserts.

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No.17, Shejichang Road, Changxindian, FengtaiDistrict.(丰台区长辛店射击场路17号)

How to Get There?
Bus: 310 or 624 to Huaishuling (槐树岭), and then take No. 327 bus to Lujing (芦井), and then get to the Yingshan Forest Park by taxi.

Ticket Price:
5 yuan per peson

Opening Hours:
7:00 to 19:00 in summer and 8:00 to 17:00 in winter

More Tips:
Tel: 010-838753 69

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