You Gu Shen Tan

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You Gu Shen Tan (Quiet Valley and Deep Lake) is located in Huanrou District, which has the name of “the backyard garden of Beijing”. You Gu Shen Tan is also known as a natural Oxygen bar. It is about 5 kilometers (about 3.11 miles) long, featured by its uniqueness, beauty, quietness and delicacy. The natural lakes and waterfalls, together with the historic cliff paintings and seal cutting, create a harmonious picture. Tourists who likes winding paths and secluded quiet places can take You Gu Shen Tan as a good choice. However, the temperature here in spring is still a little cold.

Transport: You can take Bus 936 at Dong Zhi Men Station and get off at You Gu Shen Tan Station. Or, they can take the long-distance bus from Dong Zhi Men to Fengning and get off at You Gu Shen Tan Station. Besides, long-distance bus from Beijing Railway Station to Fengning also has a stop at You Gu Shen Tan. Moreover, there also special tourist buses to You Gu Shen Tan from Xuan Wu Men Station and Chong Wen Men.

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How to Get There?

Ticket Price:
30 RMB for adults and 15 RMB for students

Opening Hours:
6: 00 a.m. – 7: 00 p.m.

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