Yuyuantan Park

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Yuyuantan Park has a long history. It has been a famous tourist attraction since Jin Dynasty (1115 A.D. – 1234 A.D.). So, Yuyuantan Park is a good place for people who are in a reminiscent mood.

Yuyuantan Park is located along West Third Ring. The total planning area of Yuyuantan Park is 136.69 hectare, with 61 hectare of which is covered with water. With about 199.5 thousand plants grown in the park, the vegetation coverage is more than 95%. So, in spring, tourists can enjoy green trees and colorful flowers.

Yuyuantan Park is famous for its Cherry Blossom Festival. The Cherry Blossom Festival was first held in 1989. During the Cherry Blossom Festival, a continuous stream of visitors will come here to enjoy the beautiful cherry blossoms.

Transport:: You can take Bus 320, Bus 114, Bus 717, Bus 727 and get off at Yuyuantan Station. Or, they can take Bus 13, Bus 21, Bus 37 and Bus 65, and get off at Sanli He Xikou Station. Beside, you can also take Bus 300, Bus 323, Bus 374, Bus 394 and Bus Special 8 and get off at Bayi Hu Station. In addition, tourists can also take Bus 121, Bus 846, Bus 37, Bus 335 and Bus 336, and get off at Mashen Miao Station.

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How to Get There?

Ticket Price:
5 RMB during busy season and 2 RMB during off season.

Opening Hours:
6: 00 a.m. – 6: 30 p.m.

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