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Gaixia is the scene of a decisive life-and-death battle between the two rebel armies led respectively by the King of Chu, Xiang Yu and the King of Han, Liu Bang, in their struggle for the throne at the end of Qin Dynasty. In 203.B.C, Liu Bang led his 300,000 subordinates to pursue XiangYu. Han Xin, Liu Bang’s follower, ambuscaded Xiang Yu’s army on all sides. Xiang Yu suffered a serious defeat, and kept constantly on the run. Zhang Liang, also Liu Bang’s follower, ordered the barracks to play thte music of Chu , which shook the troop’s morale of Chu. Xiang Yu doubted that Han army was approaching, so he got up to drink with his mistress named Yu, and danced with chanting a tragic air. Having sung several times later, his mistress Yu joined in. Then Xiang Yu shed tears, and all his followers wept and could not bear to look at him. Chanted so fervently and sadly that the song enjoyed great popularity afterwards. His mistakes cut her own throat with the sword in her hand, so as not to be source of worry for Xiang Yu. It is said that Xiang Yu was unwilling to part with the dead body of Yu, so he carried her head on horseback and broke out of the encirclement.

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After arriving at Wuhe County, you can reach Gaixia on foot or by taxi.

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Recommended time for tourists: 3 hours

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