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Longhu Scenic Spot

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 It shows an unique appearance of a lake enclosed by two mountains. It is known for its natural scenery and cultural attraction, with an area of 51.4 square kilometers. Longzi river, the branch of Huaihe River, flows across it. According to the legend, the First Emperor of Ming Dynasty Zhu Yuanzhang poled a boat here when he was a child, and the punt changed into a dragon as soon as it touched the water.

East of Longhu Lake is Mount Caoshan, which has another name “Two Dragon Mountain”. According to the legend, Caocao once stationed his troops here. On the southern slope of Caoshan stands the tomb of Senior General Tanghe in Ming Dynasty.In the sixties, nationalwide compulsory plan afforested the barren mountain, and then Shuanglong Bridge, Pearl Bridge and Huanhu Road were constructed one after another in 1973. Longhu Lake was set up as a scenic spot in 1975 and offficially developed in 1977.The water in the lake, the area of which is 353 hectares, is clean and clear. The Bengbu government has lised the scenic spot into the key developing districts of tourism in the period of the Nineth Five-year Plan. Based on the tourist facilities, such as Aquatic Paradise, Revolutionary Martyrs Cemetery, Fishing Center, and Huaihe Folksiness Garden, and service hospitality facilities, like Longhu Vacation Village and Workers’ sanatorium, the government will go on building Aquarium, Stone Garden, Botanical Garden, Miniature View of Famous Attractions on Huaihe River valley, and Longhu Eight Views.

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Only ten minutes’ drive to the downtown

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Recommended time for tourists: Half a day

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