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Mount Zhuizishan Forest Park

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In the Forest Park, Zhuizishan Mountain is the main part with the peak 97 meters above sea level, and it is consisted of East and West Mountains. It is said that on the East Mountain, there was a natural and huge stone having the shape of an awl, so it got the name “Zhuizishan Mountain”. Another legend goes that on the West Mountain stands the Linglong Pagoda of nine floors. It was built in East Han Period. When it is observed in distance, it was just like an awl towering to the skies. People call it “Zhuizishan Mountain”. Qiyan Temple was built in Han Dynasty, but was destroyed by ravages of war in the dynasties of Sui and Tang. Because of continuous war, it was not preserved well though it got reconstructed for several times. On Zhuizishan Mountain, the trees are growing exuberantly, and the scenery is fine. Therefore, the sayings “Eight Great Views” and “Eight Small Views” have been spread since ancient times. The “Eight Great Views” are Linglong Pagoda, Stone Room, Dragon and Phoenix Bridge, Ginkgo Trees, Milk Spring, Stone Door, the Platform Where the General Assigned the Officials to War Duties, Immortal Bed; the “Eight Small Views” are Unidentified Flying Stone, Python Stone, Parrot Stone, Tiger Stone,  Lou Stone, Lamp stand Stone, Stone Jug, and Accident Well.

An overall plan was made for the construction of the park in 1997. The programmed area of the park is 93 hectares. The important spots in East Mountain like Guanyin Temple, Pigeon Room, etc. are under construction, and Stone Lake of 50,000 square meters is being developed.

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You can get there by bus or rent a car, and get off or get out of at the southern side of Hebeng Road.

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Recommended time for tourists: Half a day

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