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Tanghe Tomb

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Tanghe, born in Fengyang, was the good friend of Zhu Yuanzhang, the First Emperor of Ming Dynasty. They were from the same village. Tanghe followed Zhu Yuanzhang, joined the insurrectionary army, and made contributions repeatedly, which helped him get promoted to the official position “Xinguo Gong”, and was Favored the Duke of Xiang Wu in Dong’ou after his death. His tomb faces the Longzi Lake with Mount Caosan at its back, presenting the scene of the lake and the hills enhancing each other’s beauty. At the foot of the Mount Caoshan, the coffin chamber of the tomb is made by large-scale bricks and stones. It is about 40 square meters with 3 meters high and 3 dans and 6 meters wide. The tomb passage is south of the tomb. It is 225 meters long with a large-scale stone tablet and stone-carved horses, sheep, lions and warriors. The lines of the carvings are bold and vigorous. No wonder that the contemporary architects of ancient building consider them as the art treasures among the stone inscriptions of the early Ming Dynasty.

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It is two hours’ drive by tourist bus in the downtown.

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Recommended time for tourists: 2 hours

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