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White Milk Spring Scenic Spot

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White Milk Spring got its name from its milky spring water. On the left of it is Huaihe View Pavillion. When you are at leisure, chatting wih friends, learning on the railing, and gazing into the distance in the pavillion, you will find it interesting and charming.

The mouth of the spring, covered by an several-hundred-year elm tree, is in the middle of Pure Yang Taoist Yard. Though the diameter of its mouth is minor, the spring water is coming out continuously. Because of the minerals, the surface of the water is in strong tension. If you make tea with it, you can find the tea fragrant and sweet. If the tea is poured beyond the mouth of a glass for about the thickness of a grain of rice, it can float a coin without spilling out. Everyone who pay a visit to the spring will be amazed at it.

Southest of the spring is the Mountainside Pavillion, also Plum Wind Pavillion. Below and on the left of the pavillion is the Double Martyrs Memorial Temple. It is built to memorize two of the 72 Martyrs sacrificed in the Revolution of 1911(the Chinese bourgeois democratic revolution led by Sun Yatsen which overthrow the Qing Dynasty) Song Yulin and Cheng Liang, who were born in Huaiyuan. Above it is the Mountainside Pavillion, you can overlook the whole city. It is really a fascinating natural tourist attraction with green peaks, fragrant grass and sea-like cypresses.

White Milk Spring used to be called White Turtle Spring. The legend goes that there were turtles flowing from the spring in the first year’s reign of the Emperor Tang Xuanzong in Tang Dynasty.

In Northern Song Dynasty, the poet Su Dongpo and his sons Su Dai and Su Guo passed through he spring en route fro m Henan to Hangzhou. Seeing the strange spring, thet gave it a fame “the Seventh Spring in China”, and made a poem for it, titled “On Visiting Mount Tushan and Jingshan”. Because the spring water tastes sweet and presents the color of milky white, people call it “White Milk Spring”.

In 1965, the famous Chinese writer Guo Moruo inscribed “White Milk Spring”, “Huaihe View Pavillion” in his own handwriting.

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