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Bengbu City, the municipality of Anhui Province, is famous for abundance of river clams and has a good reputation as the Pearl City. It covers an area of 5,592 square kilometers with a population of 3,449,300.

Bengbu is a place where the seasons are distinctive, the weather is warm, and the places of interest are plentiful. Besides, it is also a land of agricultural products, such as rice, oil, vegetables, meat and aquatic products, among which the output of peanuts in Guzhen, pomegranates in Huanyuan, and crabs in Wuhe have a good fame in China or both at home and abroad.

Bengbu is abundant with natural sceneries and historic sites. There is the Longzi Lake Scenic Spot with beautiful lakes and mountains in the east. Nearby it are Tanghe Tomb, Aquatic Paradise, and Huaihe River Folksiness Park. The eastern neighbors of it are Ming Imperial Tombs, Zhongdu City, and Mount Baishishan Forest Park. West of the suburban area are Mount Jingshan, Mount Tushan, King Yu Palace, Bairu Spring, Bianhe Cave, etc.

Situated in the natural and geographical boundary of South-North Qingling-Huaihe River and in the middle of Eastern-Western China, Bengbu is the transitional zone of South-North culture.

  Local area code: 0552

  Postal code: 233000

  Nationalities: Han, Hui, etc.

  Regionalism: Under its jurisdiction are four districts, namely, East, Central, West and Suburb, and three counties, they are Huaiyuan, Guzhen and Wuhe.

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Bengbu Travel Guide


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