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Bengbu Civil Aviation Company has opened the airlines bound for Beijing , and it is commissioned to sell air tickets for going elsewhere in China.

Local telephone service of the booking office:

No.34, Jianjun Mid-Road, Bengbu City (opposite to the International Trade Building):

0515-8322667, 0515-8325234, 0515-8307117

No. 158, Liberation Southern Road, Bengbu City (in the business hall of the sub branch of Commercial Bank in Southern Bengbu): 0515-8412737

Inquiring phone number in airport: 0515-8515023


Bengbu City is known as “a city created by train wheels”. It has rapidly become one of the important hubs of south-north transportation since 1912.

Bengbu Railway Station is the top-class station of the Beijing - Shanghai Railway Service. It connects the south with the north of the eastern China, and links with Beijing-Jiujiang Railway by Huainan line.

Inquiring phone number in Bengbu Railway Station: 3921322


Bengbu roads, radiating in all directions, lie at the crossing of Beijing -Fuzhou highway and Shanghai -Xi’an highway.

Inquiring phone number of Bengbu Long-distance Bus Station: 3028284

City Transport


The charge of Bengbu taxis is 5 yuan for the first 2.5 kilometers, and then, according to the mileage, 1.2 yuan per kilometer. But the charge at nights is different, namely, 5.5 yuan for the first 2.5 kilometers, and then 1.4 yuan per kilometer. The charge of waiting on the way is 0.10 yuan per minute.

Inquiring phone number of Hongbang Taxi Service Company Limited: 2040671, 3057734


Bengbu port is the largest on Huaihe River. You can get to Jiangsu, Shanghai , Zhejiang , and Jiangxi from Bengbu by navigation throughout the year, and even lead to abroad with the aid of other opened ports.

Inquiring phone number of Bengbu City Bus Company: 4026111

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