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Five Women Mountain

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Brief Introduction:

The name of Five Women Mountain is based mainly on the tradition that troops were concentrated by five women in the mountain. There is also another legend that five fairies come down to the human world to punish the baddies on behalf of the people. People built Five Women Temple to cherish the memory of the Five Women. So far, the site of the temple is still remained.

The highest peak is 824 meters above sea level. On the top, it is as flat as a pancake and it is fertile with lush growth of trees and grass. There is a pass on the south; tourists can take cable cars to get to the top. On the top of the east side, looking Hunjiang Reservoir in a distance, misty water is indistinct and the sky, the clouds, the mountain and the water become a successful combination, and Hengren Town becomes a beautiful painting scroll.

The crenels of the city gates are still visible. Five Women Mountain is perilous, so it is hard to climb. The only way is a small exceeding lofty footpath on the north side (now there are cable cars). Tourists firstly pass Tianchang Gate, then Diyun Gate, JinBo Gate, Huyue Gate, Qingfeng Gate and Xifeng Gate, a series of dangerous passes and gates. Along the zigzag footpath, pines are elegant and lovely, there are Welcoming Guest Pines, Pine Platform, Golden Dragon Pine and Claw Pine, etc; stones are odd-shaped, there is a turtle and a snake looking at the moon, a cicada thinking alone, a nun with hate, a smiling ape welcoming guests, vivid and life-like; caves here are different from others, there is Golden Pillow Cave, Guanyin cave, Huxian Cave; the peaks here are graceful, such as, Flowers Pavilion, Pengyun Peak, Jixian Platform and Langyan Platform, some are as steep as to cut suddenly and some are as flat as to mold.  

Stepping on a stair again, tourists can find Qiankun Mirror, Dresser for the Five Women and Tianchi. On Jixian Platform, there is a superb panorama of the whole mountain and the water is like a mirror smoothly. Five Women Mountain is a beautiful combination of water, stones, caves, pines and peaks. It is fascinating in four seasons, especially in winter the whole world is covered by snow, very beautiful. There are 40 scenic spots on Five Women Mountain all together. 

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How to Get There?
There are buses in front of Benxi Railway Station which go to Hengren directly and set off every half an hour and the fare is 25 yuan.

Ticket Price:

Opening Hours:
8:00 a.m.-18:00 p.m.

More Tips:
Tips: The telephone number of Five Women Mountain is 0414-8827190 8822621

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