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Nantian Gate

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Brief Introduction:

Nantian Gate is eight meters high and its surrounding peaks are steep and perilous as if cut by an axes suddenly. There is a gap on the top of the mountain, on the left of the gap erects a huge stone and a ridge is on the right. In those days, there was a plain stone on the gap like a head still. Looking from away, the gap was like a gate and through it people can see a piece of southern sky, hence it got the name Nantian Gate.

Nantian Gate Mountain is vigorous and firm. On the left of the highway is steep cliffs, cracks crisscrossed and stones indented. On the right of the highway is a deep cliff, waves under the cliff flow and lash against the rocks, making people feel dizzy and frightened. But there are several small and delicate rocks, like pillars, towers, as if you are in the Tower Forests of Shaolin Temple. It is graceful, elegant, meaningful and thought-provoking.


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Tourists can take a bus to Nanfen Town from Benxi Passenger Bus Station. Open Time: a day

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