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Hairy Deerhorn

It helps to improve people’s energy and marrow and it can also activate blood and strengthen bones and muscles

Jingzhu Rice Corn

It is pleasant to the palate with high nutrition.It is in Sihe Village, Renghe Manchu Autonomous County. It is a rare rice corn in China.


It contains amino acids which are essential for human bodies. It tastes delicious with a fresh favor to help lower cholesterol and suppress cancer cell.

Frozen Pear

Before eating, firstly immerse the frozen pear in cool water and take it out when it softens. The immersed pear is sweet and juicy, tasty and refreshing. It is a joy to eat a frozen pear after a meal.

Grass Of Meadow Rue

People generally eat its new buds, and the buds can use to cook with sauce or pickles. And the flavor is refreshing and pure. Grass of meadow rue contains rich ginseng matter and anti-cancer matter to help people improve their health.


Benxi is reputed as “hometown of ginseng”. There are wild ginseng and ginseng planted in a yard. Recently Benxi ginseng and its finished foods sell well at home and abroad.

Pictures In The Wings Of Butterflies

It an upper-scale souvenir with Liangning color. It is commemoratory and artistic. It is a good gift to send relatives and friends and it is also has the value of collection. The pictures in the wings of butterflies have a born beauty, at a different angle you can see an extra sparkles and its natural patterned grain.


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