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Caohai scenic spot

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The resource of birds is very abundant here. The number of various migratory birds living here amounts to more than 140 sorts, such as red-crowned crane、white-abdomnen golden pheasant etc. It’s one of the national bird reserves. The climate of Caohai is pleasant. Flowers and trees seem to grow in the cloud and sky. Gledes fly and fish spring. Wild gooses fly across the sky. At every end of autumn and beginning of spring, many birds swarm here .The Caohai nature reserve rests the sole plateau crane in the world-- black-necked crane. It’s the best place for watching birds in winter and preventing sunstroke in summer. Because of the intense movement of the earth’s crust about 150 thousand years ago, the broken pieces around Caohai rose constantly, but the lake basin fell down relatively, and formed a broken sunken basin. Later, because the karst was jammed and formed stagnant water, it became a plateau lake –that is Caohai we see today. The resources of animals, plants and aquatic products are extremely abundant, so it is classified as the state-level nature reserve and is regarded as the lake which possesses the most kinds of aquatic plants , inhabits the most black-necked cranes in winter and is the best area for watching birds in the world. It’s also called the Species Gene Storehouse and the Open Air Nature Museum in the scientific world.   In March and April, although the spring has not come, wild flowers on the whole land in Caohai bloom at the bottom of the water or under the water. That scene isn’t as vast as that of the grassland in spring, but these abundant aquatic plants make Caohai take on a very graceful scene. It becomes veritable underwater grassland.

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Tourists can take a train from the places, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Fuzhou, Zhengzhou, Wuchang, Chongqing, Guiyang etc., to Liupanshui, and then take a bus to Weining. The bus journey covers 74 kilometres, and takes about two hours.

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1 Every end of winter and beginning of spring is the best time for watching birds. At that moment ,many birds swarm here .   2 Black-necked cranes、gray cranes 、wild gooses 、ducks etc live here. To professional researchers who study birds, the time for watching birds can be prolonged properly.   3 In other seasons, you can also go to Caohai . If you go there in spring, you can see there are all flowers in the whole lake and the flowers in the water are extremely beautiful. In summer, you can eat fish and watch grass. 4 The local specialty are Caohai thin fish ( shrimp wrapped by fish) 、red shrimp、Caohai sliver crucian and so on. The shrimp here is very famous. It’s about 10 yuan per Jin (500 grams). If you cook it, the soup is very delicious. And you can bake it. The food in the small shop on the street is quite cheap, and it tastes good. Breakfast is usually noodles added hock pork, bouilli, which cost 3-5yuan.

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