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Datun Chieftain Manor

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Datun Chieftain Manor is a site of the state-level cultural and historical relics. It was first set up in the reign of Daoguang (1821-1850) in Qing Dynasty (1616-1911). It is said that the Datun Chieftain Manor was built by Yu Xiangyi, a Chieftain of Yi Nationality. Then it was expanded and renovated. It is surrounded by hills on one side and faces sloppy and low mesa on the other.

On the whole the buildings in the manor are arranged symmetrically. Along the central axis are three big constructions in three directions, triple halls in each direction. On the left, there are the east garden, a barn, and a Xiulou (literally young lady’s chamber). The garden, also called “Yi Yuan”, was built for treating guests. In the garden are a flower nursery and some guest rooms. The garden is very exquisite: the flower nursery is pleasingly asymmetrical, the guest rooms are decorated magnificently, the yard grounds are paved with greenstones, and the yard walls are painted by colored drawing, which make the east garden have an antique flavor. In the middle, there three halls connected with stones and inner walls. The tall brick walls and arches below eaves look simple and unsophisticated. All of these make the manor look solemn and respectful.       

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Take a bus to Datun County at the Bijie Bus Station. Walk several minutes from the county town and you can get there soon.

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