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The introduction of the Baili Azalea Belt

Last updated by chinatravel at 2015/11/10

So far, the Baili Azalea Scenic Spot is the largest primary azalea forest. On the long and narrow hill, which is 50-kilometer-long and 1.2 to 5.3-kilometer-wide, distributes 4 categories, 23 varieties of flowers, such as cheery, lily, purple, qarnet etc.

The most uncommon phenomenon is that one tree can have many different varieties of flowers.

The whole Azalea Forest Belt stretches more than 50 kilometers, which distributes in semicircle and covers the total area of 180 square kilometers. It looks like a natural big flower garden. The Azalea Forest Belt is an important scenic spot of the west line in Guizhou. There are 5 subgeneses of azalea in the world, and Bili Azalea occupies 4 subgeneses, that is, 23 species. The flower trees may be long, strong and bent, which are several meters high, or graceful and charming, which is higher than one’s shoulder. The flowers are either dense or scanty; either big or small. The colors of azaleas are diverse, such as bright red, pink, purple, golden yellow, light yellow, snow white, light white, bright green etc.

In recent years, to make full use of the exploitation of the Baili Azalea Forest, the place, where the Yi people in Pudi and Jinbo cut flowers and the Miao people dance on the flower slope, moves to the big lawn in the center of the forest. On the occasion, many young men or women dressed in national attires bank up the fire, dance and sing in antiphonal style, wrestle, racing, and fight bull etc. in the traditional way. The strong national amorous feeling adds some culture color to the Baili Azalea Forest.

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It’s about 120 kilometers from Qianxi county to Guiyang .It takes three and a half hours to get there by bus, which will cost 20 yuan per person. If you take a taxi ,it’s about 150 yuan .There are still 27 kilometers from Qianxi to the scenic spot ,so you can spent 5 yuan taking a medium-sized bus to get there.

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In Qianxi County, there are many places for staying. The price of the standard room is 120-220 yuan.

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