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Bijie Travel Guide

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Bijie Overview

Bijie lies in the west of Guizhou Province. It boasts the splendid landscapes, extraordinary caves, and beautiful flowers. The simple living ways of the local people also impress the visitors deeply.

The mountains there are high and peculiarly-shaped. The best time to enjoy the mountain scenery is in early winter and early spring. You will completely forget yourself when you see it.  The mountains look black, just like the chignon of a pretty girl; the thin mist floats in the mountains, just like the white kerchief of a pretty girl.

Bijie City

Bijie City

Historical Sites in Bijie

Many historical figures were born and brought up in the land of Bijie. Madam Shexian is one of them. She was a heroine of the Yi Nationality in the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). She constructed post roads and built up nine posts, which made the transportation convenient for the local people.  The two high officials, Ding Baozhen and Li Shijie in the Qing Dynasty (1616-1911), were also from Bijie. They have been remembered for their meritorious service for the nation.

Tourist Resources in Bijie

Bijie has abundant tourism resources. There are four national relics protection sites: Madam Shexiang Museum, Kele Relics, Datun Chieftain Manor and Kwan-yin Cave Relics in Qiangxi. These sites are the representatives of the culture in Bijie. They show either the traces of the primitive people, or the mystery the ancient Yelang Kingdom.

Under the background of the odd mountains and beautiful rivers, characteristic folk customs have been created. The villages of the Miao and Yi nationality seem primitive and ancient. The costumes of the local people are colorful, their dances are simple, and the rhythm of the music is unique. 

The natural scenic spots include the Zhijin cave, the Baili azalea flowers, the Caohai (the Grass Sea).

Quick Facts in Bijie

Some basic facts about Bijie:

Postal code:562400

Area:26.8 thousand square kilometers.

Population:More than 6.7 million

Administrative Divisions:Bijie City, Qianxi County, Dafang County, Zhijin County, Jinsha County, Hezhang County, Nayong County and Weining County.