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Former Residence of Sun Zi

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The Former Residence of Sun Zi and its gardens are a beautiful attraction. It covers an area of 43,000 square meters and the garden had been built to commemorate the forefather of the strategic in Chinese history as well as the greatest militarist of China, SunZi. Born in Qi State during the Period of Warring States, he was responsible for writing one of the most impressive and distinguished books on tactics of Art of War.

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About Sunzi 

The Former residence of Sun Zi had earlier been the Ancestral Temple of Sun Wu which was built during the Yuan Dynasty in the reign of Chonging Emperor. This place had been built for commemorating Sunzi, the great militarist as well as the forefather of Chinese strategy. Sunzi was born in Qi State during the Period of Warring States, he was responsible for writing one of the most impressive and distinguished books on tactics of Art of War.


Sun Zi

(Sun Zi, 535 B.C. - 470 B.C.)

Former Residence of Sun Zi

The Former Residence of Sun Zi

The Complex 

The entire complex is spread over an area of 11 acres. The Sunzi statue is located in the middle of the complex. Sunzi Museum and Sunzi College are situated on each side of the statue. There is a wall behind this statue which includes inscriptions from his book, Art of War. The statue is separated from a lake by this wall.

The Construction 

The former residence of Sun Zi is known to be one of the most popular tourist attractions in the area not only due to the fact that it commemorates one of the most respected militarist in the history but also because of the location of the complex itself. It is a great place to learn about this great man and his contribution to the Chinese history. This location is a landscaping complex. The project’s first building period started in May 1991 and was completed one year later in April, 1992. The complex’s entire layout is quite impressive and features moderate and appropriate spacing between the different buildings. 

The Impressive Landscaping

Another very impressive feature of the complex is its varied landscape along with undulant landform. The natural lake located in the garden covers an area of 100,000 sq m and it is now dredged up into the Le’an Lake. On its side is the Le’an Pavilion. Over this lake are three beautiful bending bridges. The surface of it is also divided in three parts. 

The Main Attractions 

The Sunzi statue stands as the background in the east. The south of the complex faces the SunZi Pavilion. Tourists can reach the pavilion by boat. The western part of the complex is covered entirely with green lotuses, a very charming sight. Tourists can appreciate the varied, lovely landscape and also find many ways to entertain themselves. The grand and large statue of Sun Wu is perhaps the most impressive construction in the area. Standing at the center of the complex square, it has the Le’an Lake in the background. The Sun Zi College is located on its west and it has 7 exhibition rooms known as Room of Gift, Service and Souvenir Room, Bingsheng Hall, Root Art Room, Sun Zi Paintings Room, Research Room and the Book Collection Room.

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Binzhou,Shandong Province

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The Bus station of Binzhou is located 556, fifth Baohai Lu in Bincheng District. Bus numbers 103, 101, 23, 22, 20, 12, 10, 9 and 1 can be taken to reach the destination. 

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Binzhou doesn’t have an airport but it is located only three hours from Qingdao harbor city and only an hour away from the Yaoqiang International Airport of Jinan.

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