Mada Lake

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Mada Lake is a fresh water lake on the plain of North Shandong Province. It is seven kilometers in length and 3.5 meters in wide, accounting 20 square kilometers. Its surface acreage is about 20,000 square meters. Mada Lake extends like a long belt from the east to the west with an altitude of 5.8 to 6.2 meters. The annual average depth of the lake is 21.2 meters. It lies in the temperate Monsoon zone of continental climate and the annual temperature here is 12.5 ℃ on average. Mada Lake has abundant produces of fish and water plants, and is therefore reputed as “a land flowing with milk land honey in North China”. It is also famous for clear water, fascinating mirage, and the plain and hospital local people.  

Mada Lake mainly boasts of two scenic spots. One is the on-lake Park in the west and the other is on-land Park in the east. Mada Lake Area has a long history, rich culture, advantageous geographical location, fertile land, and abundant special local products. For instance, the reed in the lake is a kind of quality material for handicrafts. Therefore handicrafts made of such reeds by women nearby the lake are very exquisite and they are exported to over 40 foreign countries and regions. The white lotus root tastes fantastically delicate, succulent, sweet, and fresh, unique to Mada Lake. Jinsi Duck Egg is delicious beyond comparison and rich in nutrition. There is a variety of fish and crab, and many rare traditional Chinese medicines. Mada Lake really deserves what it is reputed and is even compared to be a “Lake of Gold”.

Mada Lake Scenic Area is endowed with outstanding persons, pure folklore, and beautiful scenery. It is a creation of the great nature and the extract of human intelligence.

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