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Weishi Manor

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Weishi Manor is a unique construction complex with a castle-style. It is representative of residential buildings in North China of ancient times. Weishi Manor in Binzhou, Mushi Manor in Yantai City, and Liu Wencai Landowner Manor in Dayu City of Sichuan Province are reputed as the three best manors of China. Characterized by military architectures, Weishi Manor was designated as a key national cultural reserve by the State Council in 1996. It was constructed in the 16th ruling year of Daoguang Emperor in Qing Dynasty as the residence of Wei Zhaoqing, a landowner in Jinshen. The manor has a skillful layout and stable structure boasting wonderful artificial nature. Composed of castle-like residence, square, pond, and garden, it accounts 24613 square meters. The periphery wall is built up by laying bricks. Weishi Manor is 84 meters long, 46 meters wide and 10 meters high. The width of its base and coping is 3.8 meters and 1.5 meters respectively. Outside the coping lies the entrance of battlement while inside it stands the Nv’er Wall (a kind of lower battlement used for defense). Around the Nv’er wall inside there are 12 habitacle-like blindages for shooting. At its southeast and northwest corners stand three-layer blockhouses. These retained military architectures of defense are rare to see in other places. Standing on the wall, you can appreciate the full scenery of the whole city, mediate on the past, and probably make signs with emotions. Inside the city you can still find large hockshops and manor banks. The family of Wei Zhaoqing once willowed in money. It owed a 2,000,000㎡ fertile land and various commodities from soup to nuts. It is said the family had a gold cabbage which stood for good fortune and happiness. However, starting from the generation of Wei Zhaoqing, the family gradually declined. The left Weishi Manor is a bright pearl of ancient Chinese architecture. It is the essence of intelligence and hard work of Chinese people, and invaluable wealth to next generations.

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Transportation in Binzhou is very convenient. National Highway No. 220 is five kilometers off North Weishi Manor. It is only a 30-kilometer trip from North Weishi Manor to Huimin County.

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You will enjoy to your heart content the delicious local food such as neddy meat and roasted chicken. Presenting the unique landscape and local culture, Weishi Manor will make your trip a worthy one.

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