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Zhangba Buddha Statue

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Zhangba Buddha Statue is also called Xingguo Temple Statue. Since the Buddha Statue is about 1.8 zhang (a traditional Chinese linear measure) tall, it therefore wins the name Zhangba and “ba” in Chinese means “eight”. It is about 6.57 meters in height with a 1.5-meter-tall and 7.29-square-meter large base. The Buddha Statue is a bluestone sculpture facing south. It has a smiling round face and large ears. Standing with bare feet on a lotus-flower seat, it wears cassock demonstrating grandness and royalty. Zhangba Buddha Statue is characterized by exquisite sculpture, vivid modeling, and accurate body proportion. It is a treasure of art.

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It is located in the northwest corner of Zhaigao Village in Zhaihao Town which is ten kilometers off Southeast Boxing County.

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