Hotspring of Boer Tala

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Hotspring of Boer Tala is located in the west of Boer Tala Mongolia Autonomous prefecture. The weather is very pleasant, warm in winter and cool in summer. It has an annual average temperature of 3.6℃. Along with the pleasant climate, pretty surroundings and centuries-old history Hotspring of Boer Tala is an ideal place for tourists.

The fountain with various minerals such as iodine, sulfur, phosphor, etc., and water from 42℃ to 61℃ can cure many skin diseases. Moreover, it has much better effects towards arthritis, tracheitis, high blood pressure, tummy bug, eye diseases and sterility of women.

In the north of the hotspring is the largest hot well, which is formed by many neighboring fountains. The average temperature is around 40℃--5℃ and the highest temperature is 83℃ in the mouth of the spring.

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