The great canyon of Hari Tu Rege

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 Hari Tu Rege, a delightful summer resort in four seasons, is located in Ala Tao Mountain which is more than forty kilometers away from northwest of Bole City. Hari Tu Rege means “the appearing and disappearing place of black vultures”. It is a grand canyon with about one hundred meters in width, twenty kilometers in length. And it is situated one thousand three hundred and fifty meters above sea level. This canyon boasts four distinct seasons, warm in winter, cool in summer, and summer the most pleasant season throughout the year.

The canyon is divided into seven sections by seven bridges. As every section boasts distinctive features, the beauty of the canyon fills one with enchantment. One can step into the mountain through No.1 Bridge. Visitors may impressed by the majesty of the mountain, the mysterious cloud and mist around the apex and the snow on the peak once they step into the mountain. At the bottom of the canyon are the luxuriantly green poplars, carpet-like grassland and beautiful flowers.

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