Boer Tala Travel Guide

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Boer Tala Overview

“Recherche area in the west, fertile soil in the outside world,” it is how the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region is described. “Boer Tala” which means “green prairie” is Mongolian.

This prefecture consists of more than thirty-eight nationalities, such as the Mongolia, Han, Uygur, Kazak, Hui etc. Its population reaches 415800, among which 137900 are minority nationalities. It covers an area of 27000 square kilometers. It is made up of two counties—Jinghe County, Wenquan County, one city—Bole City, and Allah Mountain Administration Precinct.

The terrain of Boer Tala consists of one valley surrounded by three mountains. In the western mountain area, there is plenty of rainfall in summer; in the north and south side of the mountain, there are a lot of glacier and snow. The abundant rainfall contributes a lot to the vast expanse of pasture and gives birth to the beautiful mountains and trees. The unique geography and remote history make the unique travel resources of Boer Tala. The famous natural landscapes include: Sai Limu Lake scenic spot with high mountains, lakes and pastures; Bai Suosuo natural reserve, the largest Asian natural reserve; Aibi Lake marsh natural reserve; Sinkiang Beini natural reserve; Xiaer Xili natural reserve; Queer Stone Valley; Aer Xiati Thermal Spring, Etuo Kesai Thermal Spring and Boge Daer Thermal Spring. The humanities tour resources, including ancient city sites, rock painting groups, tumulus groups and unearthed cultural relics, like blinking pearls, demonstrate the remote history and the blending of eastern and western civilization on this ancient Silk Road of Boer Tala. “Na Damu” Pasture Festival, one of Sinkiang’s three tour festivals, held one time a year, has recreational and sports activities and is full of folk feelings. These gorgeous humanities resources and enchanting nature sceneries bring out the best in each other and form the unique culture of Boer Tala.

Local area code: 0909

Postal code: 833400

Telephone of visitors: 0909-2222895