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Boer Tala Local Products:

Medlar Of Jing River

Medlar, valuable Chinese traditional medicine, is famous for its nourishment. Over thirty years, beginning from the year of 1990, medlar has been planted in Jing River County, Bozhou City. The planting area, overall output, export quantity and the content of available nutrition have earned Jing River County popularity. Jing River ranks first in the main five medlar production areas. It has been entitled the name “the hometown of Chinese medlar” in 1998.

Uygur Folk Calico

Uygur folk calico is a typical Uygur handicraft work. The most characteristic thing is that it boasts handmade original printing and dyeing technic and national design. Therefore, it is full of ornament gout and strong countryside feeling. Uygur folk calico consists with multicolor printing of wood mould and Louban Lan printing. From tailor to pattern, layout and composition, it is full of strong Uygur style and intense local favor. The ideas of design usually come from reality and nature. Though Lanban Lan calico adopts traditional methods of inland, it mainly uses nation featured patterns.

Jade Article

Sinkiang is famous for its beautiful jade since ancient times. In addition, Hetian jade, the most famous jade in Sinkiang, with its smooth texture, fine luster and sweet sound, compares the jade came out from east and south in the shade. Suet jade gains its name for its suet color. People usually impressed by its gentleness cloaked beneath firmness and fine texture. It is the best in white jade and only exploited in Sinkiang. It is very precious for its scarcity.

Folk Musical Instrument

Almost every Uygur family has a Du Taer (a kind of instrument). It is a widespread two stringed instrument with relatively big shape, thin and long handle. The tone color played by Du Taer is very gentle and pleasing to the ear. It is very suitable to play the instrument and to dance alone at the same time.

Aibi Lake Halogenate Worm

Halogenate worm, a small carapace creature, live in high salinity water area. The nauplius incubated only for one to two days possess plentiful of yelk and abundant protein and fat. It is high quality lure food for young fish, shrimp, crab, etc. Now, halogenate worm is scare resource in China and even in the whole world’s fishery. In Aibi Lake there is no synthetic pollutant, and such environment guarantees the high quality of halogenate and halogenate worm.

Sai Limu Lake Cold Water Fish

There is no fish in Sai Limu Lake long time ago. Nevertheless, after years’ study and development, a primary fishery structure comes into existence, mainly including Gaobai chub, Ao Mubai chub, rainbow trout and gold trout. Gaobai chub has strong adaptability, especially highly adaptive to water with low temperature. It has no bone in its flesh and can grow quickly. Furthermore, its flesh tastes very delicious.

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