Bozhou Museum

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  Bozhou Museum is a Chinese topographical museum. It mainly collects and arranges local cultural relics and historical data, and at the same time collects local natural specimen. It is built in 1958 and is the earliest local museum in Anhui. Huatuo Memorial Museum which is built and opened up in 1982 is under the charge of Bozhou Museum.

This museum has more than 4000 collections. All of them are unearthed and collected in the city. There are more than 100 Grade A collections. Among them, glass bead of dragonfly eyes of the late Spring and Autumn period, Fan seal of the Warring period, Yugang Mao of Han Dynasty, jade clothing with silver thread, ivory ruler with red and green threads, copper pig, jade pig, and pottery figurine camel of camel silk of Sui Dynasty have high study value. Bricks with epigraph inscription characters of the Eastern Han Dynasty excavated from tombs of Caocao’s clan are main collections of this museum. There are altogether more than 570 pieces of brick and more than 2000 epigraph inscription characters. Those characters of big cursive hand and running hand are especially rare and precious. Among those character carvings, there exists valuable historical data, such as letters, records of events, names of people, and etc.

In this museum, local historical cultural relics are exhibited. The regular exhibit is Historical and Cultural Relics Exhibition Hall of Bozhou, and the thematic exhibit is Cultural Relics of Tombs of Caocao’s Clan Exhibition Hall.

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You may get there by taking No.1 public bus, a pedicab, or a motorcycle.

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Recommended length of time for visit: One and half hours

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