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Caocao Underground Tunnel for Transporting Troops

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This tunnel centers on Dayushou and extends in each direction to reach the outside of the city. The whole tunnel is crisscrossed with profound and subtle arrangement. It has solid distributing, complex construction, and huge project. This tunnel is more than 4000 meters long and is the underground military tunnel with the longest history and largest scale up to now. Its value far exceeds that of a complete city preserved above the ground. So, it is renowned as “the Underground Great Wall.” It is proclaimed by provincial government as the key cultural preservation center in July, 1986.

According to the textbook of history, Caocao has won several battles by applying tunnel tactic. The ancient Bozhou underground tunnel is the underground military defensive tunnel constructed by Caocao in his home town. He secretly sends a small number of soldiers out of the city through the tunnel, and then let these soldiers march into the city from the outside. Applying this tactic several times, Caocao confuses and defeats the enemy by a surprise move.  

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You may get there by taking No. 1, No. 2, or No. 3 public bus in the city.

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Recommended length of time for visit: One hour

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