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Huaxilou is named Daguandi Temple, and Shanxi and Shaanxi Commercial Guild Hall. Because skit can be found everywhere in the building and the colored drawing is florid, so it is commonly called Huaxilou.In 13 of Shunzhi in Qing Dunasty( 1656 AD), funds is raised to rebuild Daguandi Temple. In 15 of Kangxi( 1676 AD), Getai, namely Xilou is built. Huaxilou main hall is the main body and the storied building serves as a foil to it. The main hall is 10 meters high. In the hall, the wooden statue of Guanyu is enshrined in the middle and statues of Guanping and Zhoucang are at the both sides of it. They are destroyed by Japanese soldiers invading China. The stage of Xilou is in the shape of the character, “凸.” Four characters, “演古风今”are written in the middle of the stage. In front of the stage, a wooden couplet is hung. On the right one is written “A song of spring wakes up ancient and modern dreams”, on the left one is written “Two faces fully display loyalty and treachery.” The bell tower is on the eastern side of Xilou and the drum tower is on the western side of it. Between the two towers is the front gate. The gate is simulated wooden structure and in the style of a three-tier torii. It is waterstone-polished brick building. Pieces of fine brick carving are beset in the gate. In front of the main hall, an iron pot (an ancient cooking vessel) is set. On the side of the spot stands a pair of iron crane stepping on a divine turtoise. The height of the pot is 3 meters and the weight of it is more than 500 kg. It is built in 33 of Kangxi (1694 AD.) Huaxilou is world famous for its brick carvings, wooden carvings, and colored drawing which display more than ten skits and anecdotes. It is a state-level key cultural preservation center.

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You may take a taxi at the bus station in the southern part of Bozhou City.

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Recommended length of time for visit: One hour

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