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King Tang's Tomb

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The present Tang Mound is a tall and big round mound. Its height is more than 6 meters, and its perimeter is almost 60 meters. In front of the tomb, a stele with characters “商成汤王陵”( King Tang’s Mound of Shang Dynasty) is erected. At south of the tomb, a yellow melia azedarach ( a kind of Asian tree) of more than 500 years grows toughly. Posterity of successive dynasties rebuild stele of King Tang’s Mound. Because of the war destruction, only “ records of rebuilding Tangling Stele” in 12 of Kangxi (1681 AD) and 36 of Qianlong of Qing Dynasty (1771 AD) are left on both sides. They record the several processes of repairing Tang Mound. Old trees, dwelling mound, and tomb steles inside the garden form the characteristics of royal garden.

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You may get there by taking No. 1 public bus and get off around Tangwangling Road or by taking a motorcycle or a pedicab.

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Recommended length of time for visit: Two hours

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