Tao Te Central Palace

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In front of the palace, there is Lane of Asking for Etiquett which is the place where Confucius asks Laozi for etiquett those years according to the legend. In Song Dynasty, on the bank of Wo River, there are three Laozi Temples, Shangqing Palace in Luyi, Henan, Morality Central Palace in Bozhou, and Xiaqing Palace in the northern part of Woyang. Laozi is named Ran. According to one legend, his family name is Li, name is Er, Zi(another name taken at the age of 20) is Boyang, and Ran is his posthumous title. Laozi is a great minmd in late years of the Spring and Autumn period, and the ancestor of Taoism. He has been a bureaucracy of Storing Room in Zhou Dynasty. According to legend, Tangtaizong, Tangtangzong (emperors of Tang Dynasty), and Songzhenzong (emperor of Song Dynasty) have been to Bozhou and payed homage to Laozi in Laozi palace. Tanggaozong creates Laozi Taishangxuan Yuan Emperor, and Songzhenzong creates him Taishanglaojun Hunyuanshangde Emperor.When Ouyangxiu is the mayor of Bozhou, he writes a poem, “It is so happy to see Ying and Bo because Bozhou, my hometown, is the place where the immortals live.”

   Now, there are three temple gates on which the four characters “Morality Central Palace” are inscribed. The nave is the place where people pay homage to their ancestors. The back hall is where Laozi is worshiped and the statue of Laozi of 3.1 meters tall is set. There are three halls in the eastern yard where Luabn is worshiped. On the door, four Chinese characters,“the celestial airs comes from the east” are inscribed. The western yard with three halls is the place where the God of Wealth is worshiped. Four Chinese characters, “going to the west on blue cattle” are inscribed on the door. Morality Central Palace is listed as a provincial key cultural relic site now.

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You may go by jinricksha or motorcycle.

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Recommended length of time for visit: Four hours

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