Tianjing Palace

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Brief Introduction of the Scenery:

 It was first built in the year of 8, Yanxi, Song Dynasty( 165 AD). It is repaired many times. At its best, it covers 3000 mu and offers job for several thousand of people. Its scale is large and its buildings are resplendent. It is solemn and dignified with extraordinary imposing. The main hall is 47 meters across from east to west. The depth is 23.75 meters. Jiuji Temple with nine rooms, double eaves, and round corridor is set on Chong Platform of 2 meters high. The eaves are covered by yellow glazed roof tile. It is towering and grand with magnanimous imposing. In the middle of the main hall, three gigantic copper statues are erected among which the statue of Laozi is in the middle and statues of Yinxi, Wenshizhenren, and Xuanfu, Donghua Emperor are at both sides of it.

Brief Introduction of Laozi: The family name of Laozi is Li. His name is E, Zi is Boyang, and posthumous title is Ran. In 571 BC, Laozi was born in Liuxing Yard, Zhengdian Village, Woyang County, Anhui. He is a great thinker, educator, and founder of Taoism. He has written a book, Tao. Te. Ching. From Han Dynasty, posterity develops Laozi’s ideology into Taoism and Laozi is greatly valued as the founder of Taoism.

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You may get there by taking a taxi in Woyang county town and the round trip fare is 30 RMB. The round trip fare for a motorcycle is 10 RMB and the trip covers 9 kms. Besides, on the street at the riverside close to Woyang bus station, there are some half-old buildings. If you are interested, you may go for a visit. The bus from Bozhou to Mengcheng stops at Woyang and the fare is usually 10 RMB.

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The native place of Laozi, founder of Taoism.

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