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Bozhou Transport

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The transportation in Bozhou is very convenient. Bozhou is close to Bengbu Railway Station, the railway terminal of Anhui . Jingjiu railway is through Bozhou. It needs about 5 hours from Beijing to Bozhou. There are trains from Bozhou to the west of Shanghai , Hangzhou , and Wenzhou. All the others trains just stop at Bozhou. The stopping time varies from 4 minutes to 16 minutes. You may get to Bozhou railway station by taking No. 1 or No. 3 public bus in Bozhou City.

The enquiry office of Bozhou railway station  telephone; 0558-5516789


Bozhou is an important distributing center for medicinal material in China. It owns convenient transportation. It has several important highways which are based on Bofu expressway and 105 state highway.In Bozhou long-distance passenger station, there are buses on 41 lines to other provinces and cities everyday. There are also 39 bus lines inside the province. It is convenient to take long-distance bus in Bozhou. Everyday, buses from Bozhou to Fuyang, Bengbu, and Huaibei, another three cities in the northern part of Wan, run every 20 minutes to one hour. You may get there by taking No.1 or No.2 public bus in the city.

Bozhou long-distance bus passenger station ( Weiwu Avenue, Qiaocheng District, Bozhou)  Telephone: 0558-5523790
The enquiry office of Bozhou bus station  Telephone: 0558-5522862

City Transport

Public Bus

Presently, there are four public bus lines in Bozhou, No.1-No. 4. Every bus runs every 5 to 7 minutes.

Daily working time of public bus: 6:30-18:30.


The taxis in Bozhou are mainly Qirui and Xiali. The starting price is 3 RMB. It is 1 RMB per km after 1.5 kms. It charges 1.2 RMB per km after 6 kms. The starting price is 3 RMB at night ( 22:00-06:00 next day). It charges 1.2 RMB per km after 1.5 kms. Besides, if waiting time is more than 5 minutes, 0.2 RMB as waiting fee will be charged per minute. The passenger should pay the road toll and bridge toll.