A Thousand li Dike in Baiyang Dian

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Having been famous as “a bright pearl in Huabei”, with a total area of 366 square kilometers, Baiyang Dian is the biggest freshwater lake in Huabei area, boasting splendid natural landscape that is different from either large-scale lake stretching to the sky or mountain reservoir reflecting the hills. Lakes and villages encircle each other, connecting rivers and fields, and the reeds open and close at intervals, which makes Baiyang Dian a huge labyrinth on the water. Being 130 kilometers from Beijing in the north, 120 kilometers from Tianjin in the northeast, with a waters area of 64.8 square kilometers, A Thousand li Dike is covered by shadowed weeping willows, floating reeds, fragrant lotus, swimming fish in the river and birds flying in the sky. The landscape varies all the year round with distinct features: birds are flocking and fish are swimming in Spring, lotus are in blossom on the water in Summer, golden reeds are scattering in Fall, and ice boats are speeding in Winter, which forms a entertainment resort for holiday spending.

There are some attractions in A Thousand li Dike landscape area, like “changdi yanliu (weeping willows along the dike)”, “zaolin wandu (spending the evening in the jujube forest)”, “shili hexiang (the fragrance of lotuses permeate ten li )”, “baiyang yeyue (the beautiful scene of Baiyang in the moonlight)”, “shuiyue tiaohua (the peach flowers along the lake reflecting the moon)”, “jinsha luozhao (the sand reflected by sunset is golden), etc.. There is Temple of Mozhou and Bianque Temple along the Dian side.

Baiyang Dian abounds in resources with replenish baits in the Dian that just fish include 15 families and 54 kinds, of which shrimps, crabs and carps are most famous as delicious dishes in Tianjin or other places. Within Dian, reeds are abundant with an annual production of 300,000,000 grams, which can be weaved as mat white like jade with exquisite texture, account for one quarter of the national production. Moreover, it used to be ranked as tribute for the palace for generations. The souvenirs like writing brush, black pottery and reed patching picture are available in Renqiu city and Dian side.

Tips: when on a visit to Baiyang Dian, there are 3 alternatives for choice. The 1st one is by yacht or boat, when going through the crisscrossing reeds, river landscape can be fully enjoyed that on the green and crystal water are white reed flowers, flocks of gooses and ducks and boats of fish. The 2nd one is to taste seafood, because Baiyang Dian is rich in big tender fish and big fleshy shrimps that are delicious dishes for dinner. The 3rd one is to watch fisherman fishing or even fish along with them in the Dian for experiencing fishing life with the way of either rod fishing alone or fishing while boating.

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driving your own car along the No.106 National highway from Mozhou Town toward west to get off at the 6th kilometer place

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