The Hometown of Acrobatics in Wuqiao

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There is a folk rhyme chanted that no matter the senior citizen or little child in Wuqiao County of Cangzhou can play acrobatics with exquisite skills.

Intro to the attraction: The acrobatics in China has established a long history, in a possession of valuable historical site for the Chinese nation. Among the numerous hometowns of acrobatics, like Liu city in Shandong province, Yan city in Jiangju province, Puyang in Henan province, Tianmen in Hubei province, Guangde in Anhui province, Wuqing in Tianjin province, Wuqiao county in Cangzhou, Su’ning and Baszhou of Hebei province, only the acrobatics of Wuqiao county in Cangzhou is the most famous as for its long history, solid masses support and influence at home and abroad.

Located in the southeast of Hebei province in China, Wuqiao county in Cangzhou consists of 449 villages, with extensive masses foundation of acrobatics that nearly every village has acrobats. People in Wuqiao County are so knee on acrobatics that they perform strings of somersault, stack themselves up with amazing agility, fight with fists or juggle magic no matter in the streets or in the wheat fields, even at the table or on the kang (bed). Even some children hold the bottle fully filled with oil or vinegar when going to the store or grain supply center buying oil or vinegar, without one drop spilt. On rainy days, groups of pupils walk in the rain with umbrellas held on the nose. What’s more amazing, on the wedding night, eating cakes or drinking wine is effortless, and the bride casts the candies flying out with an empty hand while the bridegroom send cigarettes by clapping hands in the sky.

At the moment, acrobats of Wuqiao County in Cangzhou root perform in acrobatics organization of other 20 countries in the world, at least. In addition, Wuqiao County in Cangzhou has established the 1st specialized medium art school for cultivating acrobatics talents in China, i.e. Acrobatics School of Wuqiao County in Cangzhou, which is the only member of World Acrobatics School Association.

In 1999, Acrobatics School of Wuqiao County in Cangzhou was upgraded as International Acrobatics Art Training Center of Wuqiao County in Cangzhou under the ratification of State Cultural Administration, which can enroll overseas students and shoulder the responsibility of cultivating acrobatics talents for home and abroad. In November of 1993, the unique acrobatics folk tourism resort was founded in Wuqiao County of Cangzhou, i.e. Acrobatics World in Wuqiao County of Cangzhou in China, incorporating entertainment, watching, participating and performing together, which shows not only folk craft ship of thick countryside flavor but also elegant stage performance. The attraction has been listed as the international tourism fixed landscape by the State Tourism Bureau. At present, some websites have been set up about Wuqiao county of Cangzhou, such as “Wuqiao information bay” and “Wuqiao acrobatics world” to thoroughly show brand-new feature of modern acrobatics hometown on the internet.

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