Wuqiao Acrobatics World

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Situated in the north of Wuqiao County 90 kilometers south off Cangzhou City, Wuqiao Acrobatics World is an AAAA-level attraction approved primarily by the state, with a long history of acrobatics art and extensively joined by the masses. There is a folk rhyme chanting that no matter the senior citizen or little child in Wuqiao County of Cangzhou can play acrobatics with exquisite skills. In the old days Wuqiao belonged to Jizhou where produced “jiaodi”(a kind of game to contend by grappling and attempting to throw or immobilize one’ s opponent) which is the embryo of acrobatics called “jiaodi play” in Qin Dynasty and “bai play” Han Dynasty. Wuqiao is the birthplace of acrobatics art for its long history of acrobatics art, exquisite skill and many great talents, enjoying a high reputation as “the hometown of acrobatics” and “the cradle of world acrobatics art” at home and abroad. In 1993 Wuqiao County set up the attraction of Acrobatics World, incorporating many kinds of activities together, like folk, performance, participation, entertainment, communication and holiday-spent, etc., and displaying the bearing of thousand-year-old acrobatics culture. Wuqiao Acrobatics World has been visited by visitors from more than 50 countries and regions in 5 continents since its opening, boasting 8 scenic spots such as jianghu(the chivalry world) cultural area, marvelous palace of acrobatics, magical labyrinth, folk garden of acrobatics and funny zoo, and so on. In the condensed acrobatics world, all aspects of acrobatics art can be appreciated, such as tracing the long history of acrobatics art, learning the essence of domestic and alienate acrobatics and enjoying acrobatics art in real situation.

Situated in the axis of Acrobatics World, Jianghu cultural area, whose unique architectural style is of magnificent store culture belonging to Ming and Qing Dynasty, is an attraction representing ancient cultural feature of the old county of Wuqiao and miniature of modern history of acrobatics in Wuqiao. On the other hand, its form of real man’s performance embodies folk cultural style of “cross bridge of Beijing”, “three carelessness of Tianjin”, “fuzi temple of Nanjing” and “big world of Shanghai” in history. When wandering in the area, visitors can have a look at the various situations of wide world at that time, mysterious, ancient, sincere and thrilling, with the feeling as if one were in that kind of original artistic atmosphere of cross bridge dating back to 100 years ago. Everything is embraced including qigong, storytelling, singing, fortunetelling and traditional acrobatics performed informally. Recently, some wonderful folk series of “eight monsters of new jianghu” that are nearly extinct, like “little gangpao” that to cut vegetables on the stomach, “strange Liu” who are good at climbing stairs covered with knives, “a person as thin as skin and bone” who can insert bone needles into the eye-ball, “a child aged nine” who belongs to school of handwriting with both hands, “little girl with bound feet” who can walk fast with a jar weighing a thousand jin, and “stupid Liang” whose ears can tug a truck weighting 2 tons.

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taking Jing-Hu Railway and get off at Wuqiao station, then walk toward north; or driving car along the Jing-Hu Highway till the exit and turn westward at Wuqiao mouth for about 10 minutes

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