Cangzhou Travel Guide

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Cangzhou Overview

Cangzhou city lies in the southeast of Hebei Province, close to Beijing city and Tianjin city in the north, and connecting Shangdong province in the south, in the east embracing the Bohai Sea. The city is situated on the touring belt surrounding Beijing, Tianjin and Bohai Sea. With the long history and unique features, Cangzhou city is abundant in touring resources and is well known as “Three Water Zones” and “Six Hometowns”. “Three water Zones” means that it is bounded by Bohai sea with the coastline of 95.3 kilometers in the east and leaned by Baiyang Dian (famous as “a bright pearl in Huabei”) with the water area covering one sixth of the whole Baiyang Dian Zone in the west, and the Beijing-Hangzhou canal, one of four ancient great hydro-projects, wanders through the middle area expanding 220 kilometers. “Six Hometowns” means the hometowns of acrobatics, wushu, casting, ya pear, jinsi date, and the first hometown for foreign residents in history of China. Cangzhou coast owns the ancient shell dikes formed in the process of forming land between sides of Bohai sea, which is the only one in China and one of the largest ancient shell dikes existing in the world; many hollow deposited wetlands maintaining primordial landform which are not only the migration places of nearly one hundred migratory birds but the ideal places for observing birds; volcanic heap formed by volcanic eruption undersea twenty or thirty thousand years ago, which is the only hill in Cangzhou, along with many natural ecological protection areas, thus tourists can experience and touch the nature.

Cangzhou is the famous “Hometown of Whshu”. There have been a lot of Whshu heroes and famous couches gathering here since ancient age. At present, there are 52 kinds of Chinese boxing arts and fetters, so it is one of wushu cradles. Baji Boxing in Meng village and Pigua Boxing have been ranked in the top ten representative Boxings nationally, and bring out overseas as formulated series of skills and strikes in international whshu games.

In April every year, lots of pear flowers unfold, and date flowers charm everyone, then September is the harvest season of brittle pears and savory dates. It will be a delicious and pleasant trip to hometown of ya pears and Jinsi dates for sightseeing.

Zone code: 0317

Postcode: 061000

Location: Cangzhou is situated in the southeast of Hebei province, close to Bohai Sea in the east and Beijing and Tianjin cities in the north, facing Shandong Peninsula and east Liaoning Peninsula separated by stretches of sea.

Square area: 14000 kilometers.

Population: 6,630,000

Regionalization: Cangzhou city governs two districts (Xinhua and Yunhe districts),  ten counties (i.e. Cang county, Qing county, Dongguang county, Haixing county, Yanshan county, Suning county, Nanpi county,  Wuqiao county, Xian county and Mengcun Hui Autonomous Prefecture), two jurisdictions(Cangzhou Lin’gang economic and technical development zone[former Zhongjie Friendly Farm], Nandagang Jurisdictions in Cangzhou city [former Nandagang farm]), and is mandated to govern four county-level cities, that is, Botou city, Renqiu city, Huanghua city and Hejian city.