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Cangzhou Food

Last updated by  at 2017/5/16

Cangzhou Featured Food:

Little Fish With Chili Sauce

People live in the north may know pie stewed with little fish, however, in Cangzhou is Little Fish with Chili Sauce. The little fish of 2 to 3 centimeters length added with pepper or other spice is stewed slowly after boiled, giving off a fragrant smell of stewed fish with spicy taste. Its flavor is indeed nice so that local people buy it to cook as common dish at times, and visitors might as well have a taste of Little Fish with Chili Sauce.

Baked Donkey Meat

It is said that the heaven luxuriously has dragon meat while donkey meat on the earth. Just as the proverb implies, donkey meat is privileged. When walking in the street, baked donkey meat of Hejian always goes into your sight that the slowly stewed meat on the fire is mixed with the sauce proportioned by cooks, sliced into two, then you can hold the piece with spice to enjoy it. Do remember to have a taste when in Cangzhou. It is available in any place without any special efforts.