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Cangzhou Shopping

Cangzhou Local Products:

Xianbu Flowers (patched Flowers On The Cloth)

Xianbu Flowers is a famous handicraft in Hebei province. Patched flowers are to patch flowers on the cloth of all kinds of colors with refined art craft and ingenious skill, revealing natural beauty and unique technique.

Ya Pear In Botou

As the specialty of Cangzhou city in Hebei province, Ya Pear in Botou is famous for its broadest plant areas, earliest planting history and best quality, boasting a planting history of over 2000 years. In the past, the main colleting and distributing center for Ya pear of Botou used to be in Tianjin port, thus, it is also called Ya pear of Tianjin when expoted.

White Straw Hat Braid Of Xingji

White Straw Hat Braid of Xingji is a traditional folk art craft, with a production history of more than a hundred years. The straw hat braid of Xingji is white, clean and neat, brightly shiny and of top quality throughout the province, whose straw goods are well-sold in over 40 countries and regions, enjoying a high reputation as “Xingji white” on the international market.

Jinsi Jujube Of Cangzhou

Being rare specialty of Cangzhou in Hebei province, Jinsi jujube is of thin skin but fleshy, small stone and juicy, and its pulp is green-yellow, tender but crisp. It is sweet with high sugar content up to 65%, so it tastes like honey, covered with golden thread-like thing after being peeled. Therefore, it is called Jinsi jujube.

Preserved Cabbage Of Cangzhou In Hebei Province

Preserved Cabbage of Cangzhou in Hebei Province has been renowned at home and abroad as early as the year of Kangxi emperor in Qing Dynasty. It is made of local produced cabbage of top quality, by removing leaves and roots, sliced into small pieces, added sauces and then fermented naturally. It is a common dish all the year round, with a taste of being delicate, crisp and slight spicy.

Cangzhou Shops and Stores: